Welcome to our
Virtual Arts Showcase!


CEC District 20 is proud to present to you, in collaboration with our dedicated district administration, borough arts and family support partners, teachers, and staff, the amazing work of our District's public school community.

Here you will find a showcase of inspiring work by both our students and our teachers. The creativity displayed here and in our District shows us that even in these most difficult of times, art serves to heal the soul, and creativity lives on!

EmiliaMedani_ D20 PreK Center Z011_ Alot
20k686 Jade, K, PS686, Where the Wild Th
20k748 Zayna, Kindergarten, PS 748, A St
20k69 Chengkai,Grade1,PS69,Killifish
20k205 Han Ping Gr. 2 PS205 Dragon
Jana_Grade 3_PS264_Drawing
Patricia Gr. 4 PS205 Eaglephant
Rayan, 5th Grade, PS 164, Spring Tulips.
20K187 Audrey_6thgrade_IS187_NightFirefl
20K180 Mirian, 7th,PSIS 180

A Word About the Arts in District 20 Public Education

District 20 has long recognized the value of arts education in all disciplines from the days when then Community Superintendent Vincent Grippo suggested that every third-grade student in the district learn to play the recorder to the ARTs Festivals held at every District 20 school in the month of May. Under former Community Superintendent Karina Costantino, the month of May was declared District 20 Celebration of the Arts month. Many thanks to our newly appointed Community Superintendent David Pretto for carrying on this tradition. 


Through arts education, our children reap the benefits of increased motivation for learning. Offering arts education encourages better attendance and improves a child's attitude toward school. Children are taught various problem-solving skills so that they learn there is more than one way to approach a solution to any problem. Research shows a compelling connection with students learning in the arts to a helping them master other subjects such as reading, math and social studies.